Monday, 25 May 2015



Vero Moda @ Asos Dress | Zara Bucket Bag | Zara Pointed Chelsea Boots
There's no such thing as bank holiday in retail, but social media made me very aware that it was infract a bank holiday this weekend... and as I was wearing all black this felt like an appropriate title. Lets be honest, who doesn't love a bit of alliteration?
This is a pretty basic little outfit, but I'm a big fan of this dress and think I'll probably wear it a lot this summer. Sometimes you just need to throw on an oversized dress, your comfiest classic boots and your favourite black bag and be done with it, and this was exactly how it went for me this weekend. I don't know if subconsciously all the black was to reflect my bitter state of mind at having to work, but there we go. Looking back at this, I feel like I need an oversized worn denim jacket to go with it, a Hannah Beth Fincham one would be ideal!
In other news, my hair is lighter.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015




This post is a little different from my usual outfit posts, wish lists or the odd illustration... but it's something I've become a bit giddy & excited about, so thought why not share it!
My boyfriend & I are hoping to move to our own place in the not so distant future (once I've finally passed my driving test after 6 years... yes you did read that right!) So I've recently found myself scrolling through pages and pages of home wear inspiration on Pintrest sipping copious cups of tea. I've even got up early, were talking 6am, the last couple of Sundays to go to some cheeky car booties to find some homey goods. I am definitely not ashamed to declare my love for a boot sale, and I have found some amazing seventies goodies and garish crockery, which by my boyfriends face I'm not sure he is as keen on. I just love something with a bit of character and individuality!
Other than retro goodies, my other recent penchant is for rose gold and copper treasures. I got amazing copper photo frame in Paperchase a couple of months ago, and love it against the white of my bedside table. Now I just cant get enough of the god damn stuff!
Here's a few high street picks that I have been lusting after. I have no idea what the pineapples use it, but all I know is I need one.


Sunday, 17 May 2015





Friday night was date night, and after a long tiring week I was very much looking forward to chilling out with my boyfriend & having some nice food and cocktails! This is what I wore, a good transitional outfit for this time of year. I do love a chunky knit paired with a skirt, and this skirt with a slit fitted the bill perfectly. I think a block midi would have been too heavy with an oversized jumper, but there's something about the wrap style which just lightens the whole thing up. This one is sold out now, but I found some good alternative on Asos, Topshop, & Missguided.
I've only recently become a skirt person, I've always been more of a shorts wearer in the summer. I think i'll be putting my vintage levi's to one side for a bit in favour of some good skirts!


Tuesday, 12 May 2015



So this is just a little peak at an outfit I wore on Sunday. It's so hard to know what to wear this time of year (I say sounding like a middle aged woman), so I find Birkenstocks teamed with a lightweight tee, jeans and coat over the shoulders is a good combo to tackle most weather. With sunnies in tow obviously. I get horrendous watery eye syndrome when its really sunny and I've forgotten my sunglasses. I don't want to look like I'm crying in public/winking at strangers... that's never a good look, so I always like to have them attached to me in one way or another!
If you read mg blog very often or follow me on Instagram , you'll know what a massive Asos denim fan I am. The 'Farleigh' is my absolute favourite style. It's a kind of mom jean fit with a nice high waist, but still pretty skinny. They come in so many different colours to. I will most definitely have to invest in a black pair, but this mid denim vintage looking wash is great for Spring.
Over & Out

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


So all these little treasures I found using an app called Mallzee.
If you haven't already heard of it, or used it before it's a definite must have for anyone who online shops a lot. It cuts out the endless hours it can take to sift through everything you're not interested in to find the perfect item you are after. To give you a brief round up of why I use it on my phone, it has a brand list of around 100 brands including Topshop, Warehouse, Mango and Zara (some of my faves!) You can use the apps search bar to type in a particular key item that you're after, for example some of my recent searches have been for a fringed jacket and lace up sandals, and it will bring up all the options. Ingenious! I don't know why it hasn't been done before! It makes shopping on the go or from the comfort of your sofa so so easy. It also has a #trending section and a saved list, which is always handy and is my main bug bear when websites don't allow you to have one.
To download the free app just click HERE. It's as easy as that.
You can thank me later.


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