Friday, 19 August 2016



So I've just got back from my holiday today, I'm scrolling through my camera... & thinking shit, I have literally got no photos! I am the worst blogger ever.
I think to be completely honest, I needed this break SO much, that I didn't want to be snapping my outfits (also I didn't wear any make up for 90% of the week & no one wants to see that). I have been so super busy working the whole year, that I just didn't want to consider what I was wearing. I think I'm allowed that 1 week out of 52, right? I wore the same Zara jumpsuit for about 4 days and if I wasn't wearing that it was my old battered Levis or a bikini. I just needed a break. Also, I didn't have my boyfriend with me, and God bless her soul my Mums not too nifty with a camera.
So I do apologise, I feel really bad that now I'm back and in work mode already (ive been back 2 hours and am working!) I dont really have anything to blog about. But here's some nice scenery & a Grazia mag.

Sorry not sorry.


Monday, 8 August 2016



I cannot tell you how happy I am to be writing this post. For the last year I have been working my little butt off for my one woman business. If I'm not at work work (my retail job) I'm working at home. I could probably count my proper full days off on one hand. So It's so rewarding to finally have my website complete with shop! I am completely technology illiterate, I can just about run my blog, but any website building is far beyond my capabilities. Luckily, I have a friend who is in the website business... he has his own business in fact. So he has helped me every single step of the way, been at the end of the phone when I've done something wrong and am having a melt down, and very patiently gone through every little step with me while I've scribbled various illegible notes down. Also, I don't think he's done all this because we're friends. I think he would do it for any of his clients, and it's just the really personal way he wants to run his business. So if any of you are thinking of getting your own website, or even need help with your blog then give him a shout. You can find him at Pud Design.
I thought id share with you a few prints and cards that I have up on in my brand new shop. I've branched out a little bit from just fashion illustration and have dabbled in beauty and accessories, and I'm really pleased with the outcome in the form of my perfume bottle & lipstick prints. They've been really popular so I think I will be giving more of this sort of thing a go. Nail varnish is next on the agenda. Plus I really enjoy it! I'm also going to try not to restock things once the batch is sold. I want to keep it really fresh and kind of exclusive. Limited edition if you will! So hopefully I will be updating the shop with new bits and bobs quite regularly.
It's also worth mentioning that Bridal and wedding pieces are still my thang. Although obviously I don't do prints of these... who wants someone random in a wedding dress on their wall. It's all about the personalisation with these pieces. After all, its the most important day of your life in the prettiest dress you will ever wear. They're super popular for gifts as well. So if you're looking for a unique, personal gift for your Bridesmaid, Best friend, husband, wife, whoever it happens to be, then you can drop me a message via my contact page and i'll be sure to get back to you with all the deets!
I have worked, and continue to work really hard for myself, and I'm not ashamed to say how proud I am of me. I have never studied business, I am useless with technology and I'm not the brightest tool in the box, but I'm giving it my best shot. So I'm going to take great pleasure in clicking the publish button on this post and sharing my blood, sweat and tears with you all.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016


As I've said a lot recently, I've struggled with my Summer wardrobe this year & haven't found a lot that I like. It's resulted in me being that annoying person that orders loads and takes it all back. I bet Topshop dread seeing my little face come through the door carrying my plastic polka dot parcel. So recently I've been living in basics. Zara basics are my absolute favourite, and I've had this white tee for probably a couple of years. We're great pals & it's my go to piece when I'm feeling a bit stuck. I have a grey one to which is also a trusty friend of mine.
Josh and I were going out for dinner and I'd had a really busy day. So I threw on my good ol' tee with my favourite pair of jeans (which I've worn so much they're going out if shape) and off I went. I did pop my neckerchief & new-ish mango sandals on so I didn't feel quite as much of a basic bitch. It's also worth saying that these sandals are now to down £12.99 in the sale!! How outrageous is that. They came in a nude colour as well, and I managed to bag both my pairs at £17.99 which I thought was good... but with a further £5 off it really would be rude not to. I love mine so much, they're such a classic piece that go with pretty much anything. An all round good investment for your wardrobe.  Josh only gave them a 4/10... but his sister said she loved them, and I always say I dress for girls rather than boys, so we will go with her opinion.


Monday, 18 July 2016


I'm lucky enough to not live too far away from some beautiful beaches & yesterday we went for a much needed day out with my family. I've been working so much recently. Trying to juggle my retail job, my illustration business and blogging has been taking its toll in the last couple of months. I hardly have a day spare. My friends will text me to see when we can hang out and I find myself scrolling through pages and pages of my diary before I find one section of a day that I might be free. That is not how I want to live & it's also hard for them to understand. Sometimes I work in the shop 6 days a week then I have to fit in my commissions, maintaining my website, promoting myself and all the other things that come with being a one woman business. I have to do it & want to do it, because illustrating is what a I really want to do, but I've also got to pay the bills.
 The last few weeks I have seriously considered packing the blog in and calling it a day. I feel like something has to give, and it cant be the other two things I am doing. Then again I think back to all the great things that blogging has brought me, the amazing brands I've worked with, the opportunities I've had and the community I'm part of. It makes giving it up seem impossible. I'm sure a lot of you will be able to sympathise with this.
 So the next few months are going to be a bit of a test. A test to see whether I can keep juggling these three massive parts of my life, or whether I am going to have to lighten the load. Time will tell my pals! All I do know is yesterday was much needed and my batteries feel well and truly recharged (minus a really sunburnt back... that does not feel good).

Sunday, 3 July 2016


I said my next post wouldn't be an off the shoulder, but whilst scrolling through the Asos new in page on Thursday I spotted this Weekday bad boy. I am such a massive fan of Weekday. They're a really minimal scandi brand with amazing basics and the odd patterned gem, but the shipping is £6, which to me is a bit of a stinker. I'm such a tight arse when it comes to delivery charges. So when Asos started stocking them I was literally over the moon (well not literally, that would be impossible... but I was happy). Two of my very favourite brands ever in one convenient place. Plus free delivery + the perks of my Asos premier account means I can shop Weekday until my heart is content. Or until my bank balance tells me otherwise. The other great thing about Weekday is that it is super affordable to, this top was only £12 and it such a nice thick jersey. Such a find!!
I hope you guys are having a fab Sunday whatever it is you are up to. For the rest of the day I will mostly be painting perfume bottles are trying to power tan in the spare hour off that I'm giving myself!
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