Wednesday, 25 March 2015


I feel like I may be getting a bit more shoe obsessed by the day. Instead of clicking 'New In Clothing' when I'm online shopping, I find myself clicking 'New In Shoes' first. I just feel like shoes can so easily make an outfit. Even a pair of jeans and plain white T can be finished perfectly with a cracking pair of boots or strappy heels, and the whole outfit looks amazing with that one touch. Look at my getting all footwear passionate... this is not doing bank balance any good, all I want to do now is buy shoes after this post.
I wanted to introduce you to probably my very favourite shoe brand. Never mind Louboutin or Jimmy Choo, Senso have it all. It's just so up my street as well, I feel like they were made for me; Gold hard wear, animal prints and textures galore.
Their main website is in Dollars, as they're an Australian brand, but they have lots of UK stockists (praise the lord). You can find them on Urban Outfitters , John Lewis & out good old friend Asos to name but a few.
You can thank me later

Saturday, 21 March 2015


We all know I love a good rummage in a charity shop, and I am not ashamed to say it. Some of the things I have found in my time are unreal. This being one of them. I saw it in the window on a Sunday, when the shop was closed. Absolute torture. So on Monday morning I trundled down there and was that awkward person that asks the shop assistant to undress the mannequin so I could try it on. I was pretty sure I would love it, and when I tired it on I loved it even more. I had made a deal with myself lately to start buying summery things, as I think I'm going to be quite poor this summer *sigh*, so I was going to try and stock up on shorts, tees and dresses now. But how could I say no to this knitted bad boy?


Monday, 16 March 2015


H&M Oversized White Shirt | Asos Sunnies (almost identical) | Vero Moda Jeans | Topshop Boots
I've wanted a longline cotton shirt for quite a while, but couldn't find the right cut. This H&M one ticks all the boxes for me, I love how oversized it is but has fitted 3/4 sleeves, and it's that crisp white cotton that goes perfectly with washed denim.
In other news, I got a bottom brace on my teeth today. I've wanted one for a while... but I'm feeling very ugly tonight. I feel like a might need to do a mass online shop to comfort myself. I also got a hair cut the other day, as you can see, which I just cant get used to. So all in all I'm feeling pretty grotty. The one thing that could pick me up right now would be a nice Asos mid season sale. C'mon Asos, help a sister out.


Saturday, 14 March 2015


If you follow my Instagram you will probably notice that I am a tad denim obsessed right now, Asos denim obsessed to be precise. Asos + Denim is my favourite combination, and I can't stop buying their jeans. Aside from jeans, I feel like I want everything I wear in denim at the moment; dresses, jackets, shirts, just gimme them all. I think the only thing I don't have a hankering for is denim underwear, and maybe a denim hat. I don't want to go all Britney & Justin 1993 about the situation.
These are a few of my best picks from the high street, Asos heavy of course, but how cute is this little Zara playsuit? I'm not usually one for playsuits, but this one if floating my boat a treat.
Over & Out my friends, have a fab weekend.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015



I feel like Spring has finally sprung!
I was actually poorly all weekend, but did get a chance to sit in the sun & I don't know if it's my mind playing tricks, but I think I may had got a touch of a tan on the old arms. I forgot how joyful that feeling is.
I think the boyish silhouette is due to me still feeling a bit rough, this is a very 'unfashionable' thing to be blogging about, but I have been diagnosed with IBS so am more or less constantly bloated at the moment. Gross & not at all chic, I know. So although admittedly I am naturally a lover of all things baggy, they are my best friends at the moment. It's not like I have the urge to be walking round in body con dresses and pencil skirts, but I'd like the option y'know. I did take it upon myself to invest in some Zara oversized basics on Sunday, in my head I convinced myself that it was Dr's orders and the medically correct thing to do... really I'm just a massive fan of their basics and he very clearly didn't mention anything of the sort.
Does anyone else suffer with this condition? It's so new to me and I'm like a lost little sheep that isn't sure what to eat.
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